Video of raw land is our new venue.
Our new venue" Bridal View", is in the beautiful Boulder Canyon between Deadwood and Sturgis.    We look forward to remodeling the buildings and grooming the location for the2021 Summer wedding season.  We look forward to many beautiful moments and good times making memories.
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A little history of our "Bridal View" wedding venue name
Back in the early 1980's  many of our Carmel by the Sea,  California weddings were held at the Carmel Mission Ranch owned by actor Clint Eastwood.  The site allotted to us by Clint was called "Bridal View".   Many stunning weddings were performed there over the years, and it is quite dear to my heart.   Now that Carmel Bridal View is gone, I choose to keep the nostalgic name for our own Black Hills wedding venue.