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Our Story

We are second generation "well trained" wedding planners. and since 1984 we have dedicated ourselves to be fair and keep our weddings affordable for all.  We offer reasonably priced packages and specials because we keep our overhead minimal.  


Our mother, Marian Fischer, was the original Wedding Planner in Carmel California having performed literally thousands of weddings in her 35 year career.  It was her belief that everyone should have the opportunity to have a beautiful wedding that they can afford.   We proudly carry on with her belief in our tradition.

We are two sisters who learned from the best! Our mother, Marian Fischer of Carmel-by-the Sea, California, was the wedding consultant for the famed Carmel Highlands Inn Wedding Chapel.

Growing up with a wedding consultant means you are going to carry a lot of chairs, decorate for a lot of weddings and receptions and learn to plan, organize and even officiate and film these events, many them quite large, lovely high end events and even celebrity weddings.

Back in 1984 my mother who owned Carmel Weddings, was allotted a space at the famed Carmel Mission Ranch by owner Clint Eastwood where she arranged many hundreds if not thousands of weddings.  By then I was filming weddings and in 1986 my father ran for city council as Clint was running for mayor.  They both won and I had he opportunity to film the entire campaign.


Now that my mother is gone, my sister Kathee has become the next generation planner for Carmel Weddings. I however, moved to the beautiful hills of South Dakota and have continued to arrange, perform and photograph weddings. Our days of the large weddings are gone and now and my sister and I specialize in the smaller, intimate "boutique" weddings or as they are often called "Micro" Weddings.

Currently however, for 2023 we will only be doing elopements and biker weddings.

Hasselhoff with Marian Fischer | Black Hills Rally Wedding

Years ago, our mother arranged the wedding of a young David Hasselhoff's wedding. She also planned the wedding of another up and coming actor by the name of Cage, as well as many celebrity others weddings over the years. 

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