Bridal View ...  our own location

On top of a hill overlooking the valley and the hills. Quiet and private and just inside Lead.  14 miles from Sturgis Rally.  No location fee and is included in all packages.  Up to 26 guests.

Many years ago when my mother owned "Carmel Weddings" in Carmel by the Sea California, her friend Clint Eastwood allotted her an area of his Carmel Mission Ranch for weddings.  They called the site  "Bridal View".  Hundreds  of weddings we done there and I have always love everything about that venue. Bridal View in Carmel is no more, so I kidnapped the name and brought it to the Black Hills and that is how we got the name "Bridal View" for our wedding deck. 

                                    For those who want a little more than just a wedding